Marianne Böttger
Since its foundation, the Bühnen- und Konzertagentur Marianne Böttger has been located in Berlin, representing classical artists for appearances in opera and concert in Germany and abroad. With many years of experience in Artist Management and in the  music business in general (including the artistic and managerial preparation of different opera productions and symphonic pro- jects), we provide world-wide representation of international artists and the management of their careers. Member of: - AEAA Association Européenne des Agents   Artistiques - Bundesverband der Konzert- und Veranstaltungswirtschaft   (BDKV) i. G. Cooperation with Boris Orlob Management, Berlin For some time the Bühnen- und Konzertagentur Marianne Böttger and Boris Orlob Management have enjoyed an intensive and de- tailed exchange of information, and with effect from February 2020 have agreed even closer cooperation.